Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Where can I buy your music?
A) You can buy Approaching Nirvana music from, Itunes, Spotify, or from me directly in the Store. If you download it directly from the website, you have a choice of formats to download it in.

Q) What other stores is your music available on?
A) Tunecore to distributes the albums online. You can find all the stores/sites they distribute to here.

Q) Can I get your music in a raw, uncompressed, digital format?
A) Absolutely! On the Store you can choose from many different formats including uncompressed formats like FLAC and AAC.

Q) Is there a way to preview your music before I buy it?
A) Yes, you can preview the music on the website, YouTube, Itunes, Spotify, & Amazon.

Q) Do you sell CDs?
A) Yes, you can find them in the Merch Store. CDs also come with an immediate digital download of the album(s) you purchase.

Q) Do you have any other merchandise for sale?
A) Absolutely! New merch is added to the Store all the time. Right now there are shirts, CDs, and packages that include both. If you buy a Merch package it’s cheaper!

Q) What software do you use to create your music?
A) Mainly use Logic Pro X and a lot of 3rd party plugins. Most used plugins are Massive, Serum, Sylenth1, Battery, EastWest Pianos, ValhallaRoom, Dada Life Sausage Fattener, & Izotope Ozone Suite.

Q) How do you create the Audio Visualizers in your YouTube track videos?
A) They are created from scratch in After Effects using Trapcode plugins. Mainly, Particular and Form.

Q) Can I use your music in my videos on YouTube and on my stream on Twitch?
A) Yes you can! Check out the License page for more information on how to use Approaching Nirvana music on YouTube and Twitch.





Q) Where can I watch the livestreams?
A) You can watch the livestreams on Twitch

Q) When are the livestreams usually held?
A) The livestreams are held at 5PM Eastern USA Time on Fridays (DJ Stream) and 2PM Eastern US Time on Mondays (Music Production Strema). There are fans from all over the world so if you’re curious about what time that is in your timezone, check the countdown timer on our Home page.

Q) How long are the livestreams?
A) The livestreams are about 2 to 3 hours long.

Q) Can I record the livestreams?
A) No. For legal reasons, you cannot record or distribute content from the livestreams. Please support the artists featured in DJ Streams by checking the setlists and buying their music!

Q) Where can I view previous livestreams?
A) You can listen to previous DJ sets on Mixcloud.

Q) What equipment do you use for the livestreams?
A) I currently use the following equipment during the streams:

Music Production:
- Logic Pro X
- Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones
- Akai MPK49 Midi Controller
- Roland FP-7F Digital Piano
- Rode NT1A mic

Main 3rd Party Plugins:
- Massive
- Serum
- Sylenth1
- Sonic Academy Kick2
- Kontakt
- EastWest Pianos
- ValhallaRoom Reverb

DJ Streams:
- Traktor Kontrol S4 MKII
- Traktor Pro 2
- Macbook Pro
- Pioneer HDJ1000 Headphones

Streaming Equipment:
- Go Pro Hero3
- Blackmagic Intensity Pro Capture Card
- OBS 64 Bit
- FocusRite Scarlett 18i6

Q) Aside from the livestreams, where else can I join fans in the community?
A) Check out our Community Page which lists all of the community hangouts. Additionally we have a community Discord Channel to talk, hang out, and organize events with!